Summary of Libertarian Principles

The questions on the Quiz give you an idea of some of the government policies that libertarians support or oppose. So will reading these websites:, and To learn more about its position on isues and its electoral activities see Wikipidia. You can also read the websites of the Libertarian Party of Florida and the National Libertarian Party. Our advocacy of practices and policies is based on principles sumarized below:

Do not practice or advocate the initial use of force, or fraud.

Our actions that do not adversely affect the rights of anyone else are fundamental freedoms that should be beyond the powers of government.

Therefore, government’s power to legally initiate force (such as to regulate, or collect taxes) should be limited to protecting us from those that initiate force or fraud, violating our rights.

When government limits itself to protecting our rights, what we achieve by voluntarily association is much better than what is dictates to us by our government.

This brings us more peace, security and prosperity. Libertarians do not all agree on the interpretation of our principles on every issue, but we respect those we disagree with.

If you agree with these principles, we urge you to change your voter registration to Libertarian, the third largest US political party.

How to Join the Libertarian Party

In Florida, register or change party at: After your are registered to vote as libertarian, you can also join the Liberetarian Party of Florida and the National Libertarian Party. And you can contact county Libertarian Parties by searching for “state and county name Libertarian Party”.

To register as Libertarian in other states search for “suppervisor of elections or “state division of elections” folowed by the name of the state. To find the websites of other state Libertarian Parties, search for: “state name Libertarian Party”.