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Libertarian Party of Duval County Bylaws

Last Official Revision: 7/6/2022

Article I: Offices

The principal office of the Libertarian Party of Duval County (LP Duval) is in Duval County, Florida. LP Duval’s principal office may be changed to another location within the county by amendment of these Bylaws, or by LP Duval Executive Committee (EC) without amendment of these Bylaws. LP Duval may also have offices at other locations, within or outside of its state of incorporation.

Article II: Purpose

The object and purpose of LP Duval is to engage in political action in Duval County, Florida. This includes serving as an affiliate organization of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) in state politics and acting as a nucleus for organizing LPF members in matters of county-wide political action.

Article III: Definitions

Unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases have specific meanings:

  1. Libertarian Party” (LP): national Libertarian Party.
  2. Libertarian Party of FloridaLPF” (LPF): Libertarian Party of Florida.
  3. Member”: LP Duval member as defined in the membership Article.
  4. Executive Committee” (EC) refers to the officers of LP Duval as defined in officers Article and Florida Statute.
  5. Officer”: EC Member.
  6. Written notice”: any official notification sent by an EC Member or EC candidate seeking an EC position that may include letters and electronic mailings (e.g. email if membership email list is maintained, or Meetup.com notifications) but shall include publishing on LP Duval’s public and functioning website.
  7. Bylaws”: this document, the Bylaws of LP Duval.
  8. Meetings”: include Business, Organization, and Special Meetings as defined in Meetings section.
  9. Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP): “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”
  10. Quorum”: at least 3 EC Members or 2 EC Members and at least 7 Members

Article IV: Membership

  1. Eligibility Requirements:
    1. Residence in Duval County, Florida.
    2. Written or verbal attestation to the NAP.
    3. Member of LPF as verified by an EC Member.
  2. Revocation
    1. Members may be considered for revocation if:
      1. Fail to maintain eligibility requirements above.
    2. Two-thirds vote of attending Members at a regular Meeting shall be required to procedurally revoke Membership.

Article V: Officers and their Duties

Officers of LP Duval shall include the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers must be Members of LP Duval.

  1. Duties
    1. Attend Meetings, lead chapter, and fulfill specific officer roles as defined below
  2. Elections
    1. At each annual Organization Meeting EC positions shall be filled by simple majority vote of Members
    2. Officer Terms:
      1. One year unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.
      2. No limit on number of consecutive terms.
  3. Vacancies outside of regular elections via:
    1. Resignation: via EC Member’s written notice of resignation to another EC Member.
    2. Standard Recall: two-thirds majority general Membership vote at a regular Business Meeting.
    3. Emergency Suspension:
      1. May be petitioned by any Member with support of 1 EC Member.
      2. A Special Meeting to consider suspension of officer duties until general Membership vote at next regularly scheduled Business Meeting.
      3. Emergency suspension shall require three-fourths of EC to pass (Member under consideration shall retain right to vote if they wish).
  4. Replacements
    1. Chair shall have authority to appoint a Member replacement to fill vacated offices.
    2. Appointments shall require confirmation at next regular Business Meeting.
  5. Notifications
    1. Members shall be provided written notice of vacancies and new officers as soon as is reasonably possible.

The duties and responsibilities of specific EC officers shall be:

  1. Chair
    1. Leadership: preside over Meetings and act as spokespersonOverseeing the preparation and submission of all reports required by the LPF and applicable Federal, State, and local laws. Specifically including oversight & submission verification of:
      1. Annual Supervisor of Elections (SOE) re-affiliation documents composed of.
        1. Annual financial audit prepared by Treasurer
        2. Officer List prepared by Secretary
      2. Any other SOE requirements.
    2. Affiliate organization relationships:
      1. Maintain LP Duval’s affiliate status with LPF: annual submission of Petition to Affiliate Form & SOE audit to secretary@lpf.org between January 1 & March 31.
      2. Keep open communications with the Libertarian National Committee, the LPF, and all LP Duval organizations or committees.
  2. Vice-Chair
    1. Perform the duties of the Chair in conjunction with, or in absence of, the Chair.
  3. Secretary
    1. Maintain official records & documents.
    2. Taking minutes at Meetings including roll-call.
    3. Notifications and Reports
      1. Notification of new officer elections to SOE & secretary@lpf.org within 5 days of election.
      2. Officer list to SOE annually between January 1 & March 31.
      3. Perform duties of Chair in absence of Chair and Vice-Chair.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Funds: collect, maintain, and disburse on behalf of LP Duval.
    2. Budgets: prepare, propose, and maintain. Includes Organizational Meeting budget submission.
    3. Records: maintaining financial records in a manner at all times ready for inspection by any Member of the EC.
    4. Reports – prepare and submit:
      1. Financial report for each regular Business Meeting, made available to all Members within 5 business days.
      2. Annual financial audit to be submitted between January 1 & March 31 to SOE.
      3. Any other financial reports & audits required by State, Federal Law, and LPF.
    5. Fulfilling legal Treasurer duties as defined in Section 106.03 of the Florida Statutes.
    6. Perform duties of Chair in absence of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. Definitions – “Meetings” refers to:
    1. Business Meetings
      1. Regular monthly meeting of Members.
      2. Specific dates at discretion of Chair.
      3. Attendance not restricted to members; open to the public.
    2. Organizational Meetings
      1. Annually in March.
      2. Officers shall be elected as per Officers Article.
    3. Special Meetings
      1. May be called as need arises.
  2. Notices
    1. Written Notice of Meetings shall be provided at least 3 days prior to meeting unless otherwise specified in Bylaws.
  3. Procedure of Meetings:
    1. Conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RRNR), except where such rules conflict with Bylaws.
    2. Only LP Duval Members can vote and be recognized unless otherwise specified in Bylaws.
    3. At the acting chair’s discretion non-Members may be recognized.
    4. May be held in person or by electronic means at the discretion of the Chair.
    5. Regular Business Meetings shall include:
      1. Summary of previous Business Meeting minutes by Secretary.
      2. Financial report by Treasurer.

Article VII: Raising and Expending Funds

  1. Funds shall be raised by means of solicited donations and the sale of logoed merchandise.
  2. Expenditures may only be authorized by majority vote at the Annual Organization or business meetings

Article VIII: Vacancy in Nomination

  1. Should a vacancy in nomination occur as defined in Florida Statutes the Executive Committee shall call a special meeting and select a nominee by majority vote.

Article IX: Amendments to Bylaws

  1. Require two-thirds vote of Members attending any regular meeting.
  1. Take effect immediately upon passage, unless otherwise specified in the amendment.
  2. Proposed amendment content must be provided to members by written notice 7 days prior to meeting.

Article X: Preemption and Supremacy

The LP Duval is an affiliate of the LPF and LP. These parent organizations hold supremacy and preemption. Any of the Bylaws of the LP Duval that run contrary to any of the bylaws or constitutions of the LPF or LP are therefore null and void.