Three Libertarian Candidates

The Duval Libertarian Party* is excited to support Eric Parker, Ronald Tracy Robison and Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh in the March 21 Jacksonville City Council election. Imagine what they could do as three libertarians in our City Council:

They would have enough votes to stop wasteful spending plans, subsidies to influential businesses, tax increases and laws that violate our civil liberties, that would otherwise have passed by a margin of up to three votes.

Get media recognition of the Libertarian Party that would give it the credibility it deserves and change the attitude of: “voting for libertarians is a wasted vote because they can’t win”.

So, let’s not waste this extraordinary opportunity to advance the Libertarian cause. Here is how you can help:

How to Volunteer to Help With Their Campaign:

You can do it by knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending texts, talking to friends about it and writing in social media, hosting a fund raiser, forwarding this email, or sending your own emails and inviting the candidates to speak at a meeting of an organization you belong to. Click below to volunteer to help one or more of these libertarians get elected:

Contribute Here to Their Campaigns to Help Them Reach More Voters:

And remember to vote on March 21, 2023.

Websites and Email Addresses

Eric Parker

Ronald Tracy Robison

Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh

Eric Parker
Libertarian for Jacksonville City Council, District 2

I’ve lived in North Florida all my life, and in Jacksonville’s North Side and Oceanway for eight years. Now, I have felt a calling to get involved in local government as a way to help people find the best solutions to their problems.
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State College at Jacksonville, with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, and work as an electronics technician. I am an Army Reserves veteran with nine years of honorable service, and tours to Iraq and Guantanamo. Most importantly, I follow Jesus Christ and love being with my home and church families and my friends.
I’ve seen how big government bureaucracies and campaign promises to spend more money cannot fix our problems. And this is what happens at our City Council meetings, not just at the federal level. Well-connected politicians from both major parties are giving our tax dollars to their crony corporate buddies. And they are passing mandates that limit our freedoms and target the poorest among us with the restrictive regulations and taxes. So, I’ve decided that it is time to end this, but I need your help.

Ronald Tracy Robison
Libertarian for Jacksonville City Council, District 8

He was born in 1991, in Jacksonville, FL. His upbringing emphasized the importance of how individual liberty and responsibility promotes freedom, security and progress. This begins with the family, then the neighborhood, and finally the city. With this foundation as his guide, he made his decisions based on what benefits all families in the city.                                                                                     

As a life-long activist and passionate speaker for those with no voice, Ronald has done it all. From feeding the needy and sheltering the homeless, to teaching children the importance of financial, and physical education.                                                                       

As an Inventory Specialist, Ronald has the ability to spot the harm resulting from coercive government intervention in the free market. They cost Americans billions in damages and impoverish all. He will use those same talents to reveal the unconstitutional and inhumane mandates, codes, and statutes that spill from our city government.

His candidacy for District 8 stems from the City Council’s decisions to abandon the people of Jacksonville by economically disenfranchising them. Examples being the CDC moratorium, which depressed the residential and commercial markets, the doubling of the local gas tax, the red-lining of inner-city neighborhoods and the harm done to small businesses.
The time is now to put a stop to these abuses of power, and for the regular hard-working people with no political or corporate clout to have a voice. And Ronald Tracy Robison is that voice.

Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh
Libertarian for Jacksonville City Council, at Large Group 5

I’m Tub, a Christian Pastor, husband, father, grandfather and candidate for City Council. I have not always been concerned about the dealings of city council. While I always kept up with politics, especially at the federal level, what happened at City Hall didn’t take much of my time.                                                                                             
Then, actions from the city started to personally affect me and our church. It was shut down by the fire department because of permitting issues. We fought back, and after four years, several processes, and thousands of dollars we are fully “legal”.
Going through all that forced me to learn a lot and start seeing more of what was going on at City Hall. The more I learned the more aggravated I got and the more I complained. Then, I realized that I often tell others, “You can’t complain and do nothing”.
So, running for city council is my way to do something more constructive then complaining. It was time to become a representative for those that seemingly do not have anywhere to go when it comes to city government.
I’m not suddenly expecting everyone in Jacksonville to follow all the actions of city government, though it would be nice. But, when you need someone that is involved, you can contact me to have some support and a voice.

This email to Duval county residents registered to vote as Libertarian is one of my contributions to electing libertarians to the Jacksonville City Council. What will yours be?

Ricardo Mejias
Chair of the Membership Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

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