You’ve reached the homepage for libertarian party (LP) of Duval county, Florida. We are a chapter of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

Libertarian chapters serve as both a nexus for running and supporting political candidates, as well as a meeting place for libertarians (including those that eschew the mainstream political process).

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what is libertarianism?

libertarians believe in two core principles:

  • self-ownership: you, and only you, own yourself
  • non-initiation of aggression: it is unjust and wrong to initiate aggression against others (aka the “non-aggression principle” or NAP)

Strong respect for private property is an extension of the above principles, as is the support of:

  • right to self-defense
  • support of free markets (not to be confused with “crony capitalism”) as per Austrian Economics
  • free speech – as an extension of full control over ourselves & our property
  • freedom of association – irrespective of gender, race, sexuality, creed, hair-color, and shoe-size as applied to any regulations including marriage

Extending the above two principles also leads libertarians to support the thorough rejection and complete abolition of:

  • taxes given they constitute theft or extortion
    • including abolition of the IRS
  • state involvement in money
    • including debt-financing and economic terror (“monetary policy”) perpetrated by the Federal Reserve system and US Treasury
  • war
    • funded through taxes and debt
    • draft constitutes indentured servitude or slavery
    • invariably involves the needless murder of innocents
  • police state
    • red flag laws
    • murder and maiming of innocents in needless raids (including e.g. for drugs and prostitution)
    • lack of accountability
  • occupational licensing regulated by the state
  • prosecution of victimless crimes, e.g.:
    • drug use for medical or recreational purposes
    • sex work involving consensual adults
  • restrictions on self-defense
    • abolition of the ATF (which has also been implicated in the purposeless murder and maiming of many individuals)
  • government subsidies in any form – the free market is more effective for all just causes

what is the libertarian party?

  • founded in 1971
  • hundreds of candidates run every election cycle from city councils to presidency
  • compare to the other two major parties:
    • more pro-free-speech, anti-war, and anti-discrimination than the Democratic (socialist) party has ever been
    • more pro-free-markets and anti-regulation than the Republican (socialist) party has ever been
  • main “about” LP page:
  • Official Libertarian Party platform

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