Spike Cohen Visit

You are the power.

Spike Cohen

On October 13th Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party Vice President candidate, visited James Weldon Johnson (formerly Hemming) Park here in Jacksonville.

Did you miss out? Maybe forgot something he said? We’ve put together a few timestamps to help you find that memorable moment.

Ken Willey, Libertarian for State House Dist 18 [1:46 – 4:31]

Davie Parish, Columbia County Tax Collector [4:45]

Spike Cohen, Vice President of United States [5:41 – 24:18]

Q & A, With Spike Cohen [24:23 – 42:20]

Question 1 [25:07 – 27:22] What do we do about the media blackout regarding the Jorgensen campaign?

Question 2 [22:26 – 29:28] How do we continue the momentum we’re getting now for the next election cycle?

Question 3 [26:32 – 34:25] (a) How do we combat the fear culture (regarding voting for third parties)? (b) How do libertarians create a united front within the party?

Question 4 [34:34 – 35:56] What will you and Jo do on your first day in office?

Question 5 [36:00 – 40:23] For those new to the party, what is the best way to get involved, to support the party, help it grow and help others understand more of what we are about?

Final Words, Spike Cohen [40:29 – 42:20]

Make sure they walk away with a positive experience.

~ Spike Cohen, on communicating with others